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Anti-aging Supplement Regimen: What happens after you turn 40

The Meschino Optimal Living Program

By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND

The Meschino Optimal Living Program – Fifth step to a Antiaging Supplment Regmin / what happens after you turn 40

So, here we are back with step 5 in the 7 step program in the. The Meschino Optimal Living program 7 Steps to a Healthy fit age resistant body, now in its second edition. So, in step 5, now that you have learned the 2 staple system is and started to apply what you learn in step for and in step five i wanna bring your attention to something else and that is that all of that works fine but at age forty things do change a little bit in your body and so in step five we’re going to talk about antiaging supplements that you need to be thinking about after the age of forty and how you stage them in based on your your age, and whether your man or a woman.

So, here’s what happens at age 40, it’s quite remarkable. That by age 40 nature assumes that you will have lived long enough to procreate the species, you mated with somebody, children came along and your kids got older and you got older, your kids got older and you got older, your kids got older and you got older but by the time you’re forty after forty-five years old nature assumes that soon your children are going to be self sufficient, and basically you’ve served your purpose on the planet.

You procreated the species, and now nature doesn’t really need you [xx]. It’s a built into our aging crock at around age 40 or 45 little time bombs start to go off to set the stage for decline, decay and degeneration so there will be death and so we know that the ageing process sort of ticks away and no one can really define what was going on but in last twenty-five or thirty years anti-aging researchers have discovered what those little time bombs look like in the aging clock, and just as importantly we’ve learned that by putting cert- natural agents back into the body, a supplement that at specific points in our timeline can combat many of those age related five months, and maintain a more highly functional body in mind for a much longer period of time.

So, that appeal to you then Chapter 5 is going to be a highly illuminating for you. I’ll give you a couple of examples. At age 40 your body stops making optimal amounts of a nutrient called coenzyme Q10 and it’s like a vitamin like substance. As your body makes less [xx] tissues can’t make the amount of energy they normally have available and so it sets the stage for congestive heart failure, and high blood pressure, and Parkinson’s Disease, and other illnesses.

The immune system gets weaker. The brain can’t work as Well, studies have shown that if you put CoQ10 back in with Hawthorne at specific dosages you can optimize cellular energy again and help combat these things. At age 45 your body’s immune detoxification enzyme systems start to become less efficient, and so your risk of Cancer increases, your immune system’s not as strong, you can’t fight infections as well.

There are certain [xx] that can bring your immune and your detoxification levels back to a more optimal level of functioning. So we discussed that in chapter in this particular chapter, step five. In the male prostate gland, it starts to enlarge as men get older, we know that, but there’s a reason why that happens, and there are certain nutrients that can block that from happening happening, and we think also reduce the likelihood that prostate cancer will develop as well.

One in 9 men develops prostate cancer. So, men have to learn how to protect their prostate after the age of 40. at age 45, the body doesn’t make as much glucosamine so we’re more prone to arthritic problems in our joints. I explain how glucosamine participates in cartilage production help maintain healthy joints over your lifetime so you ward off degenerative changes in your joints, along with some natural anti-inflammatories all really key points to understand.

Now if you’re a woman you know at age fifty, you know menopause starts to show up. That’s part of the ageing clock for women but there are some natural agents that can actually counter meopausel symptoms and create a much better feeling of well being without having to use any kinds of synthetic drugs for about 85% of women a certian combination of natural agents work extremely well and also help to support bone density as well so osteoporosis doesn’t occur.

At age 55, the brain can’t make the memory chemical that we have when we’re younger, and so our memories starts to slip away. There are certain nutrients that go into the brain that help to boost the brain’s ability to make the memory chemical that helps to helps to maintain memory even as we get older.

So putting those nutrients after the age of fifty-five is very important. I also discuss in step five the supplement melatonin for those of you who are interested in melatonin as well as some of these more cutting edge supplements like growth horomone [xx] use a growth hormone to try to keep your bones stronger and your muscles stringer and keep you a little more youthful as you grow older so ill show you where you can find the rest of that research the reality is that we after the age of 40, little time bombs go off.

The body stops making some very key nutrients and by putting them back in at specific points in our time We see from studies that we can maintain a more highly functional body and mind for the longest period of time. So if you’re looking for that kind of quality of life then step five of the book is very, very important for you to understand as I discuss anti-aging supplements.

So take a look at it. Hope you enjoy it. I hope you put it into practice.