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Essential Fats and Heart Disease

Make sure that you take the right essential fatty acid supplement each day. People take supplements with essential fatty acids or essential oils for many different reasons. The right combination of essential fats can actually provide many different health benefits. One of the benefits is reducing the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.

How does it work? Well, certain essential fats, when you ingest them, get into the tissues of the body. The tissues convert them in to hormones called prostaglandin hormones. These prostaglandins affect the local tissue behavior. Now, the good prostaglandins are prostaglandins series 1 and series 3. When you are consuming the good essential fats, it is promoting synthesis in your body. Prostaglandin series 1 and series 3 are not only anti-inflammatory. They also have other positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

Prostaglandin series 3 helps to open up, or dilate, your blood vessels, allowing more blood flow. When you have more blood flow, you are getting more blood flow to the heart, brain and kidneys. You are reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, vascular disease and even kidney disease.

You are getting more blood to the other internal organs as well. Prostaglandin series 3 also decreases how sticky your blood platelets are so your blood becomes a little less sticky. How does that happen? Well, it tones down the effect of a bad prostaglandin called thromboxane A2. If you can tone that down your platelets don’t clump together in an abnormal way. Many heart attacks and strokes occur because people have very sticky blood. The platelets clump together, forming little plugs in the artery wall, which leads to a heart attack, stroke, deep vain thrombosis or some thromboembolic type disease.

Now, certain fats actually have the opposite effect. They promote inflammation and increase platelet stickiness by increasing the synthesis of thromboxane, as an example. Also, certain bad fats make prostaglandins that constrict blood vessels which reduces blood flow. We call this endothelial dysfunction. The combination of these negative effects strongly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Heart attack, stroke and related vascular diseases are the number one killer in our society. More than 40% of all deaths, each year, are attributable to cardiovascular disease. Diet, supplementation and lifestyle factors have a hugely important role in whether or not this is going to develop in your body or if you are going to be able to prevent it.

The bottom line is that the essential fats that you eat and the essential fats that you use as a supplement have really important implications in terms of your risk of heart attack, related vascular conditions, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems. In chapter 2 of my book, “The Meschino Optimal Living Program”, I explain exactly how essential fatty acids impact cardiovascular disease risk in the body. I show you the foods that are the most dangerous, the ones that you want to try to avoid because they do the most damage. I show you how to eliminate them in a really practical way. I also explain the perfect combination of essential fatty acids you should take each day as a supplement, in order to maximize your prevention against heart disease and other vascular conditions. I describe the exact dosage you have to take as well. It is all explained in chapter 2 of my book. It is a must read for every health conscious individual. You can download the chapter for free at the link below. I strongly suggest that you do because understanding essential fats and their relationship to heart disease may actually be an important part of how you extend your life.

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