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Green Tea Catechins Shown To Fight Breast and Prostate Cancer

James Meschino DC, MS, ROHP
The American Association of Cancer Research published a study in October 2012 showing that supplementation of catechins from green tea showed important anti-cancer benefits in women with diagnosed breast cancer, who were awaiting surgery. Many studies over the years have shown a link between green tea and cancer prevention.

In this study researchers treated a group of women with various doses of green tea catechins (400, 600 or 800 mg, twice per day) or a placebo for six months. All the women had been diagnosed with hormone –receptor negative breast cancer and were awaiting surgical resection.

The results showed that the green tea catechins had a significant impact on cell signaling mechanisms that encouraged cancer cell suicide (apoptosis). The catechins also toned down pathways linked to metastasis (spreading of the tumor through the body) and reduces secretion of growth factors that enable tumors to feed themselves with new blood vessels.

Overall, this is very encouraging news. Green tea catechins are non toxic and can be taken at a high dosage for therapeutic reasons. This study suggests that green tea catechins may be an important part of the adjunctive nutritional management of breast cancer. More importantly, it supports the observation studies (epidemiological studies) showing that ingesting green tea catechins daily may reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in the first place.

Another recent study showed that green tea catechin supplementation prevented the transition from pre-malignant prostate lesions to full blown prostate cancer. Many experts suggest drinking 3 -5 cups of green tea each day as part of a wellness and disease prevention initiative. As I don’t always drink green tea every day I take a fat metabolizing supplement that contains significant amounts of catechins from decaffeinated green tea, as well as chromium and HCA. Together, these ingredients enhance fat burning and help regulate blood sugar. The green tea catechins also have important anti-cancer properties as outlined above. In my estimation green tea catechins are emerging as very important cancer fighters. Their effects are now being documented in human cancer studies, which is truly an eye-opening break through.


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