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Spontaneous Remission of Metastatic Endometrial Carcinoma: A remarkable case report involving an ancient nutrition and lifestyle approach

Dr James Meschino DC, MS, ROHP

In recent years we have seen that a specific type of ketogenic diet has shown impressive results in combating cases of cancer, both in terms of reversing cancer and enhancing the efficacy of concurrent cancer therapies – including chemotherapy, hyperthermia and other cancer therapies. This is the diet plan I have provided to cancer patients as the director of nutritional therapy at the Canadian Cancer Immuno-therapy Clinic. Many other medical doctors I am in touch with have also seen very good results using this diet to treat cancer, especially when combined with other evidence-based cancer therapies (The physiological effect of this diet on human cancer is explained in reference 1).

However, in cases of very advanced cancers (stage IV) the Lim Lifestyle treatment approach has recently demonstrated some remarkable results in a few recently documented cases. I strongly believe that the Lim Lifestyle approach should be considered as a treatment option for certain cancer patients, especially when other forms of cancer treatment have not succeeded (including the specific ketogenic cancer diet used by many of us), when the patient has a cancer for which success rates are known to be very poor (e.g. some cases of pancreatic cancer), and in very advanced (or stage IV) cancers.

The Lim Lifestyle Approach to Cancer Treatment
The journal of Nutrition and Cancer published the results of a remarkable case study in 2012. In this instance the female patient had metastatic endometrial cancer. Following standard medical treatment for endometrial cancer, the cancer returned two years later with diffuse metastasis into the pelvic and peritoneal areas. Her blood level of CA-125 rose to 442IU/ml, which denotes very advanced stage cancer. The medical doctors suggested palliative chemotherapy at this point, disclosing that no real medical cure was available to her with such advanced, diffuse disease.

The patient chose not to have the palliative chemotherapy, but rather decided to pursue the treatment path known as the “LimLifestyle”, as her form of treatment. This lifestyle is an originally formulated holistic approach toward cancer consisting of nutritional, spiritual, and mental therapies, with parts of the therapy first practiced over 4000 years ago in China. The Lim Lifestyle involves a specific vegan diet incorporating specific vegetables and fruits. Some are drunk as mixed juices and some are eaten as raw vegetables in a large salad. The Lim Lifestyle also incorporates daily Qigong, which involves rhythmic body movements combined with meditation and focusing the mind on moving “chi” (life energy) through the body for healing purposes. The Qigong component can also include external treatments of the body including a specific type of massage and/or manipulation. Mid-day napping, light activity, and deep breathing are also components of the Lim Lifestyle.

Within one year of following the Lim Lifestyle this patient saw their CA-125 blood level decline from 442IU/ml down to 14IU/ml, and assessment of the pelvis and abdomen showed reversal of the cancer, as demonstrated by CT scan and other objective assessment.

The patient then re-introduced red meat into their diet and within months her abdominal and pelvic symptoms returned and her CA-125 shot back up to 283IU/ml. At that point she returned to the Lim Lifestyle whereby her CA-125 began to drop once again. At last report her CA-125 was 176.8 IU/ml. The patient was well and doing fine, 26 months after her cancer recurrence (2).

There have two other important cases following a similar story line, reported in recent years. One case involved a 46 year old female patient with stage IV breast cancer, who was also advised to have palliative chemotherapy, but opted instead for a more Lim Lifestyle program. The other case involved a 35 year male patient with Epitheloid Sarcoma, whose cancer relapsed very aggressively after the first round of chemotherapy. Rather than agreeing to a second round of chemotherapy he opted for a vegan style lifestyle with deep breathing, meditation, vegetable juices, and light exercise, as outlined in the Dr Tom Wu diet plan. Both of these cases have shown promising results as well. You can read about these three case reports at the following link:


  2. (Journal of Cancer and Nutrition – vol 64, issue 6 2012 – Case Report: Spontaneous Remission of Metastatic Endometrial Carcinoma Through the Lim Lifestyle
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