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Athletic Performance

The improvement of athletic performance, to gain lean muscle mass and strength, and burn body fat.


Supplement Considerations

Creatine  Supplement

A creatine supplement should contain micronized creatine monohydrate, along with nutrients (L- glutamine, L- arginine, ornithine), which increase explosive power, blood circulation to exercising muscles, enhance muscle growth, decrease exercise-induced muscle breakdown (catabolism) and help prevent upper respiratory tract infections – by strengthening immune function in athletes who train hard.


Fat Metabolizing Supplements

A fat metabolizing supplement should contain natural agents that help reduce excess body fat, support lean mass gains and increase glycogen stores – for enhanced endurance performance.


Whey Protein and Fiber Shake

A whey protein and fiber shake should contain whey protein for optimal muscle growth. The high levels of branched chain amino acids in this shake further enhance anabolic muscle development. Whey protein and fiber shakes also provides the type of carbohydrate sugar that is proven to best restore muscle glycogen stores after exercise. It is low in fat.


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