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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Autoimmune Conditions (Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reiter’s Syndrome, etc)

These conditions involve chronic inflammatory diseases in which the immune system attacks the joints and sometimes other parts of the body. The cause of the problems remains unknown. In autoimmune diseases the immune system attacks the body’s own tissue as though it were a foreign invader. People with rheumatic conditions may have other symptoms, including weakness, fatigue, weight loss, and, occasionally, fever.

Supplement Considerations

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herbs
A natural anti-inflammatory herb should contain the four most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs, shown in clinical trials to combat the inflammation of various forms of arthritis. During severe inflammatory episodes individuals can take up to 3 capsules, three times per day, to help eliminate or reduce the need for other damaging anti-inflammatory medications.

High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral
A high potency multiple vitamin and mineral should contain important doses of antioxidants shown to reduce inflammation, along with B-vitamins and magnesium – all of which work with essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation and pain.

Essential Fatty Acids
An essential fatty acid should contain the exact complement of essential fatty acids that are converted by the body into anti-inflammatory hormones. The production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandin hormones (series 1 and 3).

Digestive Enzymes and Prebiotics
Digestive enzymes and prebiotics should contain a full complement of digestive enzyme as well as prebiotics. The digestive enzymes improve digestion and reduce the complication of leaky gut problems. Many autoimmune inflammatory conditions are aggravated by partially digested food matter entering the circulation and triggering an immune-inflammatory reaction. The prebiotics support the growth of friendly gut bacteria, which have been shown to suppress inflammation in a variety of autoimmune conditions, including arthritis.

Nutrients Enhancing Glutathione
A nutrients enhancing glutathione should contain the key ingredients that bolster tissue levels of glutathione, which is a key cellular antioxidant and detoxification agent. These nutrients also support immune function, eliminate toxic metals from the body, and help to suppress the inflammatory process.

Herbal Detoxifiers and Immune Support
Herbal detoxifiers and immune support should contain two highly effective herbal agents that exert important bioregulation of the immune system. In autoimmune diseases certain aspects of the immune system are over-active, which results in an unrelenting attack on the body’s healthy cells, often accompanied by inflammation and pain. Natural agents can tone down the over-active aspects of the immune system, exerting important bioregulation of immune function for individuals suffering from autoimmune disease. This supplement also contains two natural agents that improve.

Additional Supplement Considerations


1000 – 2000 mg per day in divided doses

Vitamin D

5,000IU per day (must monitor vitamin D blood levels with physician to ensure prevention of vitamin D toxicity, which occurs when blood vitamin D exceeds 250 nmol/L.)

Probiotic Supplement

1-2 times daily

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