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Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a condition in which the moist tissue layer that lines the colon and rectum, called the mucosa, has become inflamed. The symptoms of ulcerative colitis are characterized by frequent abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. Other symptoms may include fatigue, weight loss, decreased appetite, and nausea. Secondary problems and complications include liver problems, skin eruptions and arthritic problems. The diagnosis of ulcerative colitis requires confirmation by medical specialists. A major complication that may occur in a small number of people with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease is called toxic megacolon. In this condition, the individual usually has a high fever, swollen or distended abdomen, elevated white count, and a dilated colon that can be observed on an x-ray.

Supplement Considerations

Digestive Enzymes and Prebiotics
Digestive enzymes and prebiotics should contain a full complement of digestive enzymes as well as prebiotics, which together support the function of the small and large intestine. Digestive enzymes help to fully break down food after each meal, preventing the build up of irritants in the gut. Prebiotics promote the growth of friendly gut bacteria, which are important for the normal function of the large bowel as well as digestion, elimination and normal gut-immune function.

High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral
A high potency multiple vitamin and mineral should contain dosages of nutrients required to repair the cells of the intestinal tract.

Essential Fatty Acids
An essential fatty acids should contain the perfect combination of essential fatty acids to enable the body to synthesize Prostaglandin Series 1 and Series 3, which reduce inflammation and slow down the rate of cell division. Both of these properties are important to the long-term management of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Glucosamine and Anti-Inflammatory Agents
A glucosamine and anti-inflammatory agent should contain glucosamine sulfate, which has been shown in experimental studies to support the gut blood vessels, helping to reduce events associated with inflammatory bowel diseases. This supplement also contains natural anti-inflammatory agents that can help suppress the overall inflammatory process.

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