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Varicose Veins

Most cases of varicose veins occur in the legs and are caused by a malfunction in the valves in the veins in the legs that normally keep the blood flowing back to the heart. When these valves malfunction, or leak, the veins in the legs begin holding more blood than usual and become distended. Even the small capillaries are affected creating spider veins. Usually the veins in the legs look blue and are close to the surface, twisted or larger than normal. Varicose veins may produce no symptoms. Sometimes there may be a feeling of heaviness in the legs or they may seem to tire easily. Swelling may occur around the ankles and the legs may ache or cramp.

Supplement Considerations

High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral

A high potency multiple vitamin & mineral should contain many factors required to strengthen and stabilize blood vessels (e.g. vitamin C, bioflavonoids, copper etc).

Additional Supplement Considerations

Additional Horse Chestnut
200 mg, 2-3 times daily (std to 16-21% triterpene glycosides)

Additional Grape Seed Extract
50 mg, 2-3 times daily (std to 80-95% proanthocyanidins)

Gotu Kola
60 mg, twice daily (std to 100 % total triterpenoid content)

Horse chestnut, Grape Seed Extract and Gotu Kola, each contain bioactive agents that strengthen and repair the wall of leaky veins and other vessels. Horse chestnut, in particular has shown success with venous insufficiency (varicose vein) problems.

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