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Wrinkles Anti – Wrinkle Program

For many people an anti-aging program includes looking better on the outside, in conjunction with slowing the aging process on the inside of the body and decreasing risk for degenerative diseases. In regards to anti-aging for the skin, a number of ingestible nutrients are known to improve skin appearance, texture and reduce skin damage from ultraviolet light that leads to skin wrinkling and other forms of skin damage. As well, two very important topical nutrients have been proven to reverse crow’s feet, fine lines and shallow wrinkles on the face and stimulate collagen synthesis below the skin, which is also an important aspect of slowing and reversing skin aging. To promote healthy aging of the skin, consider:

Supplement Considerations

Topical Skin Anti-aging HA
A topical skin anti-aging HA should contain a unique form of microencapsulated hyaluronic acid (HA) that replenishes the skin’s HA. As we age HA concentrations in the skin decline, which results in wrinkles, dehydration and skin thinning.

High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral
A high potency multiple vitamin and mineral should contain nutrients that support the normal development and appearance of skin cells.

Essential Fatty Acids
An essential fatty acid should contain the perfect combination of essential fatty acids to enable the body to synthesize Prostaglandin Series 1 and Series 3, which make the skin cells soft, smooth and moist.

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